Honorable Chairman of Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission Dr.V.Bhaskar visited our Solar Power Plant Project Site Office,VSP. On 04-11-2013.



Honorable Governor of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Surjit Singh Barnala visited and appreciated the management of Visakha Dairy.







Visakha Dairy produces many Milk Products to cater to the consumer needs. It supplies quality milk of different variants round the clock through its 1500 exclusive outlets and became dearer to the consumers because of the quality and purity. Visakha Dairy's name has become synonymous with quality.


1966 - Started Dairy with as handling capacity of 10000 LPD(Lts. Per Day) operations in Visakhapatnam.
1973 - Union registered under cooperatives Act.
1977 - Inauguration of 50000 LPD Visakha Cooperative Modern Dairy. By Sri.Jalagam Vengala Rao Chief Minister of AP.
1980 - Inauguration of 25000 LPD MCC(Milk Chilling Center) at Narasipatnam.
1981 - Joined as member of the AP Dairy Development Coop Federation Ltd. At AP level.
1982 - Operation area of the Union extended to Srikakulam and Vizainagaram districts and the name changed to Sri Vijaya Visakha District Cooperative Milk producers Limited.
1985 - MCC Srikakulam merged with Visakha Coop Dairy & capacity expanded from 12000 to 20000 LPD.
1986 - Expansion 50000 to 100000 LPD.
1987 - NMG(National Milk Grid) milk sales started.
1989 - Expansion plant 100000 to 150000 litres per day. Establishment of milk producers & employees education, health and medical welfare trust.
1991 - Expansion of 150000 to 200000 LPD.
1996 - Inauguration of 30000 LPD chilling center at Vizianagaram.
1998 - Inauguration of 13 MT powder plant at Visakhapatnam.
1999 - Converted to Mutually Aided Cooperative Act’95. Name also changed as “Sri Vijaya Visakha District Milk Producers Mutually Aided Cooperative Union Limited”
2000 - Dairy expansion 200000 to 300000 LPD Commenced milk procurement in East Godavari District Commissioning of milk packing station at MCC Kakinada
2001 - Inauguration of Aseptic packing station (APS) Commissioning of milk packing station at Hyderabad & sales started at Rajahmundary & Hyderabad.
2002 - Dairy expansion 300000 to 500000 LPD Inauguration of milk pouch packaging station.
2003 - ISO 9001:2000 & HACCP certification.
2004 - Upgradation of HACCP to revised standard.
2006 - Converted to Company Act’56. Name also changed as “Sri Vijaya Visakha Milk Producers Company Limited”
2008 - Inauguration of Aseptic packing station (APS) with New Tetra pak A1 Machine
2010 - Inauguration Of New Elester Aseptic packing station
2013 - Inauguration Of New Visakhadairy Rangampeta Unit

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